Next Door Company
Miami, Florida, USA
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We provide responsible engineered solutions for special performance doors such as:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Acoustic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hurricane-approved
  • Lead-lined Doors and Frames

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Next Door Company

At Next Door Company, we are dedicated to "on time and correct" service and products. When others say no, NEXT DOOR says YES.

Why Choose Next Door?

  • Next Door's attention to quality and superb reputation are supported by a 100 year heritage in steel door manufacturing.
  • We are the most experienced producer of stainless steel doors in North America.
  • We provide cost effective STC sound rated hollow metal door assemblies.
  • 4th generation ownership and management provides engineered solutions for special performance doors.

Acoustic Hollow Metal Door Assemblies

Whether to keep inside noise in or outside sound out, our STC-rated hollow metal door assemblies control sound transmission.

Project References

Browse through the diverse list of projects, representing just a sampling of the many buildings where Next Door Company's products are installed.

Stainless Steel Doors & Frames

Specializing in the highest quality stainless steel doors means that Next Door's products are 100% stainless steel - inside and out.

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