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  • Why Choose Next Door Company?

    Over 100 years heritage in steel door manufacturing, combined with today’s 4th generation leadership, equipment and methods, ALL serve to make Next Door Company uniquely and equally qualified to produce Stainless Steel as well as Galvannealed steel doors & frames.


    Next Door is a niche player, striving to always be ahead of the curve by offering the market what others find difficult or impossible to provide. Todays demanding market requires producing products and conducting business in innovative, non-traditional ways.

    The "unknown" and "unexpected" are among the most disruptive issues for our Customers as they coordinate the procurement & delivery for products from mulitple manufacturers.  At Next Door Company, we don't simply provide products and service - we do it Fast, Correct, and at a Fair Price - with no unexpected issues!




    LEAN and how Customers Benefit

    Next Door is fully implemented and committed to a LEAN manufacturing system and continual improvement. This means we systemically and continually control production waste and flow to improve Quality, Shipment Dates, and Costs – things that directly impact customer satisfaction.

    With principles such as predictable cycle times and one-piece flow, the production day is precisely sequenced with minimal to no disruption.

    We also apply LEAN methods to Order Entry, Engineering, and Estimating.  All of the improvements clearly make NDC a solid resource that our Customers rely upon.  Through the years, the Next Door brand has consistently been associated with quality and service.

    Quality & Service

    Equipment and the Human Factor

    Many of our machines are CNC controlled to insure correct dimensioning. Each frame’s production, for example, flows one at a time; a kit of components for the frame is prepared in advance and available at the appropriate stage in the flow.

    Robots employ the latest technology to join the door skins. All fabrication including bending, forming, shearing, assembly, and finishing is performed under strict quality standards in our Miami facility.

    Some things, however, are best accomplished with human communication. Typical quote turn-around time is 48 hours or less. Order acknowledgements, RFI responses, and ship dates are communicated on a timely basis.

    Production Facilities

    Next Door's production facility, located in Miami, Florida USA, consists of 60,000 sq. ft. of a LEAN operation. The company's departments are uniquely qualified to review and analyze incoming orders and to program each product's specific requirements in CNC systems and equipment.

    LEAN manufacturing strategy guarantees customer satisfaction and is supported by our company-wide mission of "on-time and correct" order fulfillment.

    Our History

    Next Door Company was founded in 1993 by the then 3rd generation of a USA manufacturing family. The company's roots are firmly planted in the fabrication of steel doors and frames, with a heritage that dates back to early 1900 in Bronx, NY, and accounts for more than 100 years of Made in USA tradition and quality.

    Today the company is operated by 4th generation family ownership and management.