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    Stainless Solutions

    Stainless Solutions: Stainless Steel Information from Next Door Company

    Volume 2, No.1

    Stainless steel doors can do a lot more than you may think!

    Chances are, most of the stainless steel doors you quote and sell were specified because of their corrosion resistance.

    And for a very good reason, too: stainless steel does a great job of resisting corrosion and oxidation without special finishes. This makes it ideal for harsh environments where doors of other materials might easily fail.

    That’s why you often see stainless steel specified for water treatment plants and food processing plants, as well as "clean rooms" and swimming pool areas.

    Durability is just the start!

    But corrosion resistance is just one of the performance objectives stainless steel doors can achieve for your customers. This issue of Stainless Solutions tells you three more you may not be as familiar with.

    An excellent choice for a fire resistant door

    Stainless steel doors can be manufactured with fire ratings. Next Door Company, for example, offers all-stainless doors labeled by Warnock Hersey that carry fire ratings of up to 3 hours.

    Be leery of stainless steel: "clad" doors with purported fire ratings. Some companies offer fire-rated doors wrapped  with a veneer of stainless steel over them, to satisfy fire rating requirements. A door like this has no valid fire rating at all unless the specific assembly has been tested and rated.

    A smart idea for sound-proofing, too!

    When stainless steel is used for a sound-rated door, customers get additional benefits in appearance and reduced maintenance as well.

    That’s why sound-rated stainless steel doors are such  a good choice for public and school auditoriums, theaters, media production facilities, executive offices, hotels and conference centers.

    Next Door can supply sound-rated stainless steel doors and frame assemblies up to STC 51.

    A growing need for higher wind and stress ratings

    As you know, there is a lot of evolution in building codes these days, partly in response to natural disasters. And signs point to a higher use of stainless steel to meet these increasing performance requirements especially for exterior doors in coastal and high velocity hurricane zones.
    The high strength and solid construction of a well-manufactured stainless steel door make it a natural starting point for high-performance engineering.
    That’s why the New York City Housing Authority installs specially-engineered stainless steel entrance systems as replacements: they deliver long life, require minimal maintenance, and enhance tenant security.
    Mix and match for special situations

    In addition to manufacturing stainless steel doors which meet the four special performance characteristics mentioned above, several of these requirements can often be combined.

    For example. Next Door Company can deliver a fire-resistant door which also incorporates special soundproofing requirements. 

    Get special help for special performance requirements

    Offering special-performance stainless steel doors makes a lot of sense. But when you get involved with "niche" products like these, it’s a good idea to have solid information and advice at your fingertips.

    That’s why you should deal with a manufacturer with a proven reputation for quality and innovation in stainless steel doors.

    At Next Door Company, quality and service go hand-in-hand.