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Miami, Florida, USA
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Stainless Steel Doors & Frames

  • Next Door Company’s stainless steel doors and frames satisfy both performance and design requirements.
  • Performance is attained by quality engineering, utilizing appropriate alloys, finishes, and gauges; and it is assured by aggressive testing.
  • Design is guided by special finishes and specific configurations, then custom created in Next Door’s artisan manufacturing facility.
  • Next Door Company stainless steel openings are the perfect marriage of performance and design.

Product Features

As the market leader, we offer an incredibly wide array of fire ratings, sound transmission, wind-load, impact, antibacterial and other desired properties in stainless steel openings.

Custom fabrication processes, insure that we can comply with the most demanding specifications and design.

Next Door's meticulous procedure of using 100% stainless steel interior components, hardware reinforcements, and anchors, insures that the products will not warp or rust – inside or out.


When Next Door Company began in 1993, the company's sole mission was to be the best stainless steel door and frame manufacturer in the industry. Today Next Door Company is recognized as the leader in architectural stainless steel doors and frames in North America. Although imitated, no other company can match the level of competence, expertise, and dedication benchmarked by Next Door Company.

Lean manufacturing operational strategy insures customer satisfaction and "on time & correct" order fulfillment.

Stainless Steel Doors & Frames



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